OIS Offers Technology Advice as August Arrives

Computer in RPL

The Arkansas Tech University Office of Information Systems (OIS) has several updates for faculty and staff who will return to on-campus operations as of Monday, Aug. 3, and additional information for ATU employees who will continue to work remotely.

Below is information submitted by OIS. Visit https://ois.atu.edu to learn more.

What potential technology challenges may be encountered upon returning to campus?

For many, campus visits have not been an option during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Computers, printers and other devices may have been turned off in March or a power failure might have turned them off.

This means that when computers and other devices are turned back on, they may start with the mindset of being outdated and will want to make numerous updates to various programs installed. ATU personnel who have changed passwords or installed new programs during remote work may need to update passwords on in-office computers and devices. This includes Microsoft Outlook.

These updates or changes may require several reboots of the computer to complete.

These updates may also want to occur even if the system was left on for remote access. The updates may show up for install or be waiting for a reboot to complete.

ATU employees are encouraged to be prepared for these possibilities and allocate time for such updates upon their return to campus.

Wirelessly connected devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) may require re-authentication to the campus wireless network before they will operate properly. It may appear the wirelessly connected devices are connected (which they could be), but not authenticated. More details are available below:


Networked printers and copiers will also need to be initialized and may need some encouragement to re-connect in some instances.

The ATU Office of Information Systems is prepared to assist with these and other technology challenges during the reacclimation to campus. Visit https://support.atu.edu, send e-mail to campussupport@atu.edu or call (479) 968-0646 for assistance.

How can equipment to support work from home be requested?

The ATU Office of Information Systems can help if an ATU faculty or staff member needs equipment in order to continuing working from home. Some items below are in stock. Some items can only be checked out temporarily. OIS can help employees purchase technology items that are not be listed below.

Some of the items that may be available:

*Desktop computers                     

*Hot spots (cellular internet)

*Keyboards and mice

*Laptop computers (limited, please inquire)




ATU employees who need to order any of the equipment above may request the items using the online form at https://support.atu.edu/support/catalog/items/132.

If the requested item is available, OIS may be able to provide it quickly and at no cost. Otherwise, OIS can assist employees in ordering equipment.

For equipment for use in on-campus offices, ATU employees are asked to continue the process of entering a ticket through the service catalog at https://support.atu.edu/support/catalog/items.

The pandemic has caused high demand across the country for items used in working remotely. As a result, ATU employees are asked to plan ahead as much as possible and make requests as early as possible.