January Service Wow Recipients Recognized

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The Arkansas Tech University Service Excellence Committee presents the following list of service wow recipients submitted by members of the university community during January 2020.

  • Cindy Condley – Office of Facilities Management
  • Kate Culwell – College of Natural and Health Sciences
  • Andrea Eubanks – Office of Academic Affairs
  • Brooklyn Meeks – Travel Office
  • Sandi Mitchell – Office of the Controller
  • Julia Pope – College of eTech
  • Cindy Pratt – Office of Travel
  • Lou Ann Reeves – Office of Budget
  • Karen Riddell – Office of Academic Affairs

The ATU Service Excellence program promotes initiatives that unite the ATU family in providing a seamless experience of exceptional service to all of our campus community.

Service standards established by the university community are respectful, knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

Learn more about the ATU Service Excellence program at www.atu.edu/serviceexcellence.

Nominate colleagues for a service wow at www.atu.edu/serviceexcellence/wow.php.

Submit a service obstacle at www.atu.edu/serviceexcellence/obstacles.php.