Zimmer Selected Provider of Assurances


Steve Zimmer, director of the Math & Science Institute, has been selected to serve as the provider of assurances for all professional development programs presented by individual university faculty members or university programs of professional development at Arkansas Tech University.

Zimmer was appointed by Sheryl Norwood of the Department of Professional Development, Arkansas Department of Education.

He says having a local provider of assurances will allow professional development plans to be approved faster and more efficiently. Zimmer will maintain an archive and central database of all professional development offered in the river valley and the individuals who received training.

Information regarding current ADE Rules for Professional Development, instructions for gaining approval for planned professional development programs and the assurance form required by ADE for every professional development program offered can be found on Zimmer’s website.

All colleges, departments, divisions, faculty or staff planning to offer professional development programs approved by the Arkansas Department of Education must submit a PD Provider Approval Form FY2010 to Zimmer.

Direct link to information.

All forms must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the planned PD program. Zimmer may  be contacted at 479-964-0825 or by e-mail at szimmer@atu.edu.