Warnick Receives Advising Award

Arkansas Tech faculty member Dr. Jason Warnick is the 2010 recipient of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Region VII Outstanding Faculty Academic Advising Award.

According to the NACADA website, the award is “designed to honor individuals and institutions making significant contributions to the improvement of academic advising.”

Dr. Warnick is an assistant professor of psychology at Arkansas Tech, and he says he was “completely humbled” to receive the award.  He adds, “When I came to Arkansas Tech, my goal was to reach out to students and provide them with opportunities for academic and career success.  Academic advising is a crucial venue to accomplish this task.”

When advising students, Warnick says he tries to address issues that impact student retention and success.  He adds, “I try to examine factors such as study skills, financial concerns and other challenges that might impact a student’s success in the classroom.  Addressing these issues, improves the likelihood that a student will achieve excellence in the classroom and eventual career success.”

Those recommending Warnick for the award, state he is “creative, accessible and proactive with his outreach to college students,” and he “strives to inspire them, motivate them and elevate them.”

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Warnick serves in various capacities around campus to help students transition to college.  Each summer he serves for six weeks as a full-time advisor, and he speaks at orientation sessions throughout the summer.

Warnick also teaches a Tech 1001 course, which is an orientation class for incoming freshmen, and he volunteers as a mentor in the university’s Bridge to Excellence program.

Warnick says the award is a sign of great things happening at Arkansas Tech.  He explains, “This award gives further proof that Arkansas Tech is an amazing place for students.  This university promotes and rewards quality teaching and advising.  We have great faculty and staff that put students first, and I am so thankful to work at such a great institution.”

Warnick says he is grateful to Linda Clarke and Dr. Dan Martin who have helped him “refine and improve” his academic advising.

He will receive the award in March at the annual NACADA Region VII Conference in Overland Park, Kansas.