Voting for SGA Staff Quality Service Award Ends Friday

The Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus Student Government Association is encouraging all Arkansas Tech-Ozark students to help select the 2017 recipient of the SGA Staff Quality Service Award.

The award recognizes the professional achievements of staff for quality service to the many constituents of the campus.

To qualify, staff members have to be employed for two years as of December 2016.

Any past recipients of this award or members affiliated with SGA are not eligible.

The award should go to a staff member who:

 Motivates and engages students
 Promotes the school’s mission:
Arkansas Tech University is dedicated to student success, access, and excellence as a responsive campus community providing opportunities for progressive intellectual development and civic engagement. Embracing and expanding upon its technological traditions, Tech inspires and empowers members of the community to achieve their goals while striving for the betterment of Arkansas, the nation, and the world.
 Is respectful of students, as well as other staff members
 Plays an active role in participating in school activities
 Provides a leadership role on campus
 Actively works as a professional team member of their department

Past award winners include Career Support Services Facilitator-CPI Grant Julie Schmalz, Student Services Administrative Specialist Debbie Edgin, Maintenance Assistant Tracy Chapman and Coordinator of Student Success Center Mike Bogue.

To vote, students simply select one staff member by taking this survey.

The poll takes approximately one minute to complete. Voting ends on Friday, March 31, at 4 p.m.