Upward Bound Summer Program Concludes


Over the course of the past month, high school students have spent numerous hours on the Arkansas Tech campus as part of the Upward Bound summer enrichment program.

The students have been on campus for five weeks taking classes in math, science, English and various electives such as theatre, sign language, physical training, film and photography.

Today marks the conclusion of the annual summer program.

Throughout the program, the students have worked to enhance their research skills by exploring topics in either biology or chemistry.  Those efforts will be showcased this afternoon as the students present their science research projects to their fellow classmates and judges.

The Upward Bound program is sponsored by the Upward Bound Classic and the Upward Bound Math & Science grants. It is a way for at-risk high school to reach the ultimate goal of getting to college.

Learn more about the Upward Bound program at Arkansas Tech.