Upward Bound Students Present Research


Students attending the Upward Bound program at Arkansas Tech are showcasing what they have learned over the summer by presenting their research projects today.

Those enrolled in the program have spent the last six weeks taking a variety of academic courses to help them prepare for college, and as part of the academy, students are required to take a class focused on research methods.

Each student participating in the class is responsible for conducting and presenting their research before a panel of judges.

The Upward Bound Summer Academy is a residency program for students in grades 9-12 that offers enrichment classes to help ensure high school students are prepared for college courses.

Jill Hendricks, director, says the program is designed to help prepare students for college by simulating the college experience.

“Everything we do is based upon helping the students prepare for college,” says Hendricks.  “The students meet with an advisor, they use an online system to register for courses and they experience living in a college residence hall each summer they attend the academy.  These experiences will help them to better understand some of the processes involved in attending college.”

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