Triplett Presents Findings in Little Rock

Arkansas Tech University student Lindsey Triplett recently presented the efforts of her summer internship to a focus group in Little Rock.

Triplett, a junior from Damascus, is studying agriculture business and public relations.

She is interning with Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation in the public relations department this summer.

“Each summer the interns work on developing an educational book about agriculture for consumers,” said Triplett. “We focused this year’s book on consumers who do not know much about agriculture.”

The goal was to provide more information about food safety in an effort to help consumers make wise choices regarding food.

“The book takes common labels that we see on food and dives into the facts about these labels,” said Triplett. “It speaks on the safety of these and explains any health, nutritional or cost differences.”

One aspect of the project was sharing the findings with the audience the interns hope to empower.

“We had the opportunity to present our information to a focus group of adults who did not have a background in agriculture and did not know much about Farm Bureau. We had really great feedback and a lot of them were surprised to learn about their food supply and the differences and similarities between how food is raised,” said Triplett. “That was a really great experience because I got to see how this type of project can directly benefit consumers. It was very rewarding.”

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