Two Generations of Arkansas Tech SAB Leaders

George and Lynnlee Mitchell
Arkansas Tech University alumnus George Mitchell and his daughter, Lynnlee, pose for a photo during her first move-in day at ATU in August 2020.

Service to others through Arkansas Tech University Student Activities Board is a family tradition for freshman Lynnlee Mitchell.

In her first semester on the Russellville campus, Lynnlee has been selected to help the SAB daytime events committee plan and execute its events.

Such activity is genetically coded in the Van Buren High School graduate. Her father, George “Clay” Mitchell IV, served on the ATU SAB film committee (1990-91) and was chair of that committee (1991-93) before taking office as ATU SAB president for the 1993-94 academic year.

“When I decided to attend Arkansas Tech my parents were elated,” said Lynnlee. “They started to tell me about those crazy college years and what they were involved in at ATU…one thing being the Student Activities Board. Hearing my dad talk about all the fun events he helped host and how he met so many people on campus is what inspired me to apply for a team member position. When I received the e-mail that I got a position as a daytime events team member, I rushed to my dad’s desk and told him. I can’t tell you who was happier, me or him. I’ve already met amazing people and I am proud to be involved with SAB. I can’t wait to see what these next years will have in store for me.”

George completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from ATU in 1994 and has spent the last two decades as a writer, editor and photographer for the Press-Argus Courier newspaper in Van Buren. He is also the executive vice president and chief development officer for Oghma Creative Media, a publisher based in northwest Arkansas.

“The Student Activities Board was one of the most influential impacts on my life during my time at college and after I left,” said George. “Many of the friendships I still have are because of my involvement with SAB. While I may not be in touch with everyone I had the pleasure of working with, there is hardly a time in the past 30 years I haven’t thought of someone and wonder where they were at in their lives. Just about all my lessons in leadership and delegation came from working with SAB advisors like Steve Lawrence, Jimmy Ferguson and Mike Lobmeyer. The time they took to teach us how to lead was greatly appreciated. The impact they had on my professional life even after I graduated… I don’t know if I can thank them enough.”

Early evidence suggests that Lynnlee is learning and applying similar lessons. She was named an SAB team member of the month for September.

“I chose Lynnlee as this month’s team member of the month for daytime events because she has already shown a commitment and passion for SAB,” said Alex Cisco of Green Forest, chair of the ATU SAB daytime events committee. “When I needed last-minute help for our voter registration event, Lynnlee was quick to volunteer. She has already been a great team member by being flexible and having a positive attitude.”

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