Tucker Coliseum Summer Walking Hours Set

Tucker Coliseum

Summer hours for recreational walking at Tucker Coliseum will go into effect on Monday, May 23.

They are 7 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays and days when set up for an event is taking place. If the coliseum is closed to walkers on a non-holiday weekday, a “no walking today” sign will be placed outside the coliseum as a notification.

Additional guidelines designed to ensure the successful function of ATU operating areas located inside the coliseum are listed below:

(1) Appropriate clothing should be worn at all times.

(2) Do not leave items unattended.

(3) Walking only.

(4) Remain close to the outside wall.

(5) No strollers allowed.

(6) Out of respect to those working inside the building, mobile devices should be in the off or vibrate position; walkers receiving phone calls are asked to respond to them outside the coliseum corridor.

(7) Headphones should be worn when listening to music on a mobile device.

(8) Anyone creating loud noises during recreational walking hours and failing to comply with the protocol above may be asked to walk on the sidewalk around the outside of the building.

(9) Arkansas Tech University is not responsible for injuries incurred by recreational walkers at Tucker Coliseum.