Tschacbasov Prints on Display at ATU Museum

The Arkansas Tech University Museum is featuring an exhibit of prints by Nahum Tschacbasov through Dec. 14, 2018.

The exhibition consists of approximately 45 fine art prints that Tschacbasov produced from 1938-62. A Russian-American artist who practice an abstract, surreal style, Tschacbasov was a contemporary of Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Salvador Dali.

“These prints were collected and purchased by a former art department head at ATU more than 20 years ago,” said Dr. James Peck, director of the ATU Museum. “The art department transferred them to the museum about six months ago. The student workers and I have been hard at work matting, framing and researching these prints ever since.”

Their research concerning Tschacbasov (photographed) found that he began his studies under French surrealist Ferdinand L├ęger in Paris during the early 1930s. Upon departing Paris and settling in New York, Tschacbasov began a process of self-discovery that yielded a new genre of art.

“He undertook years of Jungian psychoanalysis…an in-depth, analytical form of talk therapy designed to bring together the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to help a person feel balanced and whole,” reads one of the text panels on display in the ATU Museum exhibit. “The intersection of surrealism and Jungian psychoanalysis led the artist to formulate his innovative signature style, a fusion of cubism and surrealism he called abstract surrealism.”

The Tschacbasov exhibit is available for viewing weekdays from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Techionery, 1502 N. El Paso Ave. in Russellville.

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