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Trustees Approve Revised Student Handbook

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The Arkansas Tech University Board of Trustees approved a revised student handbook during its monthly meeting at the Ross Pendergraft Library and Technology Center on Thursday.
According to a memo from Susie Nicholson, vice president for student services and university relations, the most significant changes to the student handbook include publishing it in an interactive, online version and a revision of the student code of conduct.
“The student code of conduct has been revised to provide a clear and transparent discipline policy that all students can read and understand,” wrote Nicholson. “The process has been simplified while retaining a fair and consistent process that protects the due process rights of students while enforcing university rules and regulations.”
All students on the Russellville campus of Arkansas Tech will be made aware of the online student handbook when they log in to OneTech, the campus e-mail and communications portal, for the first time during the upcoming fall 2012 semester.
The student handbook is available at
In other business on Thursday, the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees approved:
*health and dental insurance rates for Arkansas Tech employees during calendar year 2013, which represent a 0.2 percent reduction in the group medical insurance rate, a 5 percent increase in the group dental insurance rate, an increase of $5 per tier for the copays on pharmaceuticals and a $5 increase for office visit copays;
*phase one of a plan to create a secure facility for the storage of computer backup data for the main Arkansas Tech campus in Russellville at Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus at a cost of $319,000;
*a negotiated agreement between Arkansas Tech and Stonebridge Construction, Inc., over full and final payment for the construction of Hindsman Tower;
*parking regulations for the 2012-13 academic year for both campuses of Arkansas Tech;
*assignment of the additional duties of assistant Title IX coordinator at Arkansas Tech to Amy White, who will continue in her roles as director of NCAA compliance and head women’s golf coach;
*changing the name of the Arkansas Tech classified employee handbook to staff handbook as a means of clarifying that it applies to all non-faculty employees of the university;
*a modification of the grievance procedure for Arkansas Tech staff members;
*an updated non-discrimination policy for the university;
*a fee of $5 for any student requesting a tuberculosis test in the Arkansas Tech Health and Wellness Center;
*updates to the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association organizational document, including a more formal outline of the process for selecting a president-elect for the organization;
*creation of the Arkansas Tech Student Alumni Association as a means of educating current students about opportunities to remain connected with the university after graduation;
*a transfer of $69,263 from the unappropriated educational and general funds balance to install emergency call stations in the east and northeast parking lots at Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus;
*a letter of intent that states plans by Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus to develop a program of study in cardiovascular technology;
*a memorandum of understanding that establishes an agreement between Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus and Arkansas State University-Mountain Home to provide ASU-Mountain Home’s funeral science curriculum to Arkansas Tech students in Ozark via distance learning.
Trustees appointed Anthony Caton, who served as interim head of the Arkansas Tech Department of Speech, Theatre and Journalism during the 2011-12 academic year, to that position on a permanent basis during Thursday’s meeting.
Dr. Christopher Anderson, associate professor of music and director of bands at Arkansas Tech, was granted tenure by the Tech Board of Trustees in accordance with the terms of his initial contract and letter of appointment, which called for the granting of tenure to Anderson “upon completion of a doctorate and positive recommendations by the department head and the vice president for academic affairs.”
In other personnel matters, the Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees approved the appointment of the following full-time faculty members on the main campus in Russellville for the 2012-13 academic year:
*Crystal Bowne, visiting instructor of sociology;
*Dr. Rosemary Burk, visiting assistant professor of biology;
*Debra Susan Capehart, visiting instructor of computer and information science;
*Jamie Dalton, visiting instructor of biology;
*Dr. Genet Duke, assistant professor of geology;
*Dr. Mariusz Gajewski, assistant professor of chemistry;
*Dr. Elizabeth Giroir, assistant professor of professional studies;
*Patrick Hagge, visiting assistant professor of geography;
*Dr. Dennis Carl Harris, visiting assistant professor of chemistry;
*Amber Havens, visiting instructor of recreation and park administration;
*Dr. Frank Holman, visiting associate professor of educational leadership;
*Dr. Efosa Idemudia, assistant professor of business data analytics;
*Noma Kellner, visiting instructor of biology and nursing (fall 2012 semester);
*Jamie King, visiting instructor of mathematics;
*Brenda Lauffart, visiting instructor of chemistry;
*Jennifer Lewter, visiting instructor of biology;
*Dr. Lucas Maxwell, assistant professor of agricultural education;
*Dr. Befrika Murdianti, visiting assistant professor of chemistry;
*Mark Reavis, visiting assistant professor of economics and finance;
*Dr. Jeremy Schwehm, assistant professor of professional studies;
*Elaine Tise, visiting instructor of English;
*Dr. Ellen Treadway, visiting assistant professor of teaching, learning and leadership;
*Dr. Alvin Williams, assistant professor of agriculture.

Trustees approved the following appointments of full-time staff members on the main campus in Russellville:
*Steven Burns, programmer and analyst, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Luke Calcatera, coordinator of campus recreation (with continuation of his previous duties as head men’s golf coach), effective Sept. 1;
*Nichole Christensen, Student Support Services advisor, effective Aug. 16;
*Dana Florian, director of career services, effective Sept. 1;
*Rebecca Gray, health services director, effective Aug. 16;
*Jamison Hall, junior associate registrar, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Carol Hanan, assistant librarian, effective Aug. 1;
*Ronda Hawkins, training coordinator in the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center, effective July 1;
*Alex Manly, director of the learning resources center and course management systems coordinator, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Kristina McSweeney, head softball coach, effective June 21;
*Lindsay Moore, assistant athletic trainer, effective July 5;
*Andrea Muffuletto, admissions officer, effective Aug. 16;
*Courtney Pratt, admissions officer, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Cara Slone, coordinator of student center operations, effective Aug. 16;
*Paul Smith, sports information director, effective Aug. 20;
*Andrew Stadler, programmer and analyst, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Heather Strasner, admissions visit day coordinator, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Allison Vatzlavick, assistant director of housing, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Lori Wineland, director of Student Support Services, for the 2012-13 fiscal year;
*Megan Wyllia, admissions officer, effective Aug. 16.

Trustees accepted the expiration of work authorization for Dr. Abdulkadir Nagac, assistant professor of economics, and the resignations of Valerie Brugh, assistant professor of speech and theatre; Rebecca Cunningham, visiting instructor of computer and information science; Ben Greenberg, sports information director; Marissa Merritt, coordinator of student center operations; Alex Mirkovic, assistant professor of history; Tiffany Nance, admissions officer; Julie Trivitt, assistant professor of economics; Grant Watts, coordinator of campus recreation; and Dennis Williams, assistant professor of sociology.
In personnel matters for Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus, trustees approved the appointment of the following full-time faculty members for the 2012-13 academic year:
*Jerry Arbaugh, Arkansas Tech Career Center computer aided drafting faculty;
*Randy Gaspard, Arkansas Tech Career Center metal fabrication faculty;
*Martina Hedrick, Arkansas Tech Career Center health science faculty;
*David Rogers, air conditioning and repair visiting faculty;
*Leslie Snider, registered nursing faculty;
*Lynn Washington, human services program chair and faculty.

Trustees accepted the resignations of the following faculty members at Arkansas Tech-Ozark Campus:

*Natalie Helmert, practical nursing faculty;
*Janet Mickens, practical nursing faculty.