Torres Speaks on Need for Food

Raul Torres (photographed), Assistant Director of Main Street Mission, recently spoke to Dr. Jason Ulsperger’s Introduction to Sociology class about food insecurity in the River Valley.

For two decades, Main Street Mission has been the only facility whose primary mission is feeding the hungry in Pope, Yell and Johnson counties.

They provide food boxes at no charge to people unable to care for themselves because of financial discrepancies.

“The upcoming holidays will put a strain on the Mission’s resources and we are in need of donations now more than ever,” said Torres.

Ulsperger believes it is important for community members to help others in need. He says, “Food insecurity is not always a long-term problem. Sometimes all it takes is the loss of a job and a few weeks without a paycheck to put someone at risk. Helping them not go hungry until they get back on their feet can go a long way.”

In conjunction with his sociology students, Ulsperger will be gathering commodities for the Mission in the upcoming weeks before the holidays.

For more information about donating, contact Ulsperger at 479-968-0464 or Torres at 479-968-8303.