Tech’s Got Talent Returns Wednesday

Arkansas Tech students will have the opportunity to showcase their talent Wednesday at Tech’s Got Talent.

The competition is hosted by the Student Activities Board and will kick off at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Witherspoon Auditorium.

During the competition, 12 acts will perform before an audience. Following the first round of competition, the finalists will be narrowed down to six, and they will compete next month for the chance to win the title.

The performers taking part include:

  •  Alex Burris, Dylan Ross, & Keith Shultz
  • Jacob Byrns
  • Charles Hill
  • Will Worthey and Ben Sewell
  • Parash Rajbhansi & Sabrina Tamang
  •  Garrett Stacy
  • Savannah Boster, Josh Childs, & Peyton Crawford
  • Zach Paquet & Seth McCammen
  • Casey DeAngleo
  • ATU Dance CO: Haley Millam, Betsaeli Garcia, Ambriyan McFadden, Alex Nelson, Diana Ramirez, Jay Anderson, Amber Thompson, Kaylon Hodges
  •  Robert Warner
  •  Kacy Johnson & Kyle Jones

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