Tech to Celebrate International Education Week

  • IMSSO Fashion Show – 12 p.m. Doc’s place.  Participants can view traditional clothing from a variety of cultures represented at Arkansas Tech.
  • ENACTUS Cultural Exchange – 6 p.m. Third floor of Rothwell Hall.  Participants can learn about various cultural practices of six countries represented at Arkansas Tech.
  • Tuesday
    • International Perspectives Forum – 12:30 p.m. Room 242 of the Doc Bryan Student Services Building. Participants will hear from a student panel about customs and practices throughout the world
    • International Trivia – 7 p.m. Doc’s Place. Participants will answer international-themed trivia questions as part of a game of bingo.
    • India Night – 6 p.m. Young Ballroom.  Participants will learn more about life and daily practices of those living in India.
    • 50-Minute Tour of Nigeria – 12:30 p.m. Doc Bryan Student Services Building Lecture Hall.  Participants will learn more about Nigeria from graduate student Nasirat Akinola.
    • International Festival and Talent Expo – 6 p.m. Doc Bryan Student Services Building Lecture Hall. Participants will enjoy performances from students representing several countries. Additionally, music and food will be provided.
    Visit the International and Multicultural Student Services Website to learn more. Keep logging on to for more information about each event during International Education Week.]]>