Tech Students Teaching Art at Pottsville


Arkansas Tech art students have been spending the past several weeks sharing their art skills by teaching students enrolled in art classes at Pottsville.

The Tech students are enrolled in an art education practicum course, and they are working with students at Pottsville Junior High School.

The class is part of a partnership with the Pottsville School District, and the Tech students are responsible for designing, implementing and assessing the information they teach to the students.

Tech faculty members say the students have taught a variety of art units including graphic design, art history, sculpture, drawing and mixed media.

The following Tech students have been teaching at Pottsville:

  • Carolyn Brickels
  • Leah Broadhead
  • Jenna Despain
  • Christi Ezzi
  • Amanda Gale
  • Holly Houston
  • Samantha Hurley
  • Katie Lamb
  • Megan Link
  • Jessica Rogers
  • Lisa Suit
  • Tiffany Williams

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