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Tech Students Host Brain Fair

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Students in Dr. Jason Warnick’s physiological psychology class entertained and educated preschool students at the St. John’s Catholic School “Brain Fair” today.

More than 15 groups of students prepared presentations for the children to explain different functions of the brain on a level which four and five year olds would be able to understand.

Some of the topics included how taste buds work on the tongue, molecular matching for energy and activities that appeal to the senses.

“We tried to make our topic relatable so kids could understand. It was a challenge to get these concepts on level pre-schoolers can understand, but it was fun for us to put this together," said Josh Trujillo, one of the students who helped prepare a presentation.

Warnick said his class enjoyed preparing for the event, which was inspired by Brain Awareness Month. “Each year in March, Brain Awareness Week targets people of all ages to raise awareness of different aspects of the brain,” he said.

“It shares the importance of brain research and curing brain diseases, and it gets young children to develop an early interest in brain science. The children learn best from energetic college students who are excited to help them learn,” Warnick said.