Tech Students Earn College Media Awards

Members of the Arkansas Tech University student media were honored for their efforts this year at the annual Arkansas College Media Association awards Friday at the University of Arkansas.  Tech’s television station clinched the top anchor spot for the sixth straight year, while the Arka Tech earned the top spot in a cartoon strip for the second consecutive year.

The Arkansas Tech University students competed against numerous other universities in the state in more than 60 categories of competition.

For the Arka Tech, Travis Fowler repeats for his work designing the best cartoon strip again this year.  Katherine Williams and John Post were both recognized for their review writing, while Lauren Jones received accolades for her advertisement work for the ArkaTech.

Tech TV received the “Television General Excellence Award,” which is the highest award a campus television station can receive from the Arkansas College Media Association.

Tech TV students also took the top anchor, producer and reporter awards for the year.  Jose Harber was named top anchor, and it marks the sixth year an Arkansas Tech student has earned the honor.  Kim Pham Childress was named the top producer/director, which is an honor Tech has received for the last four years.  Christie Hart-White repeats as the top reporter, and it is the third year Tech has been recognized in the category.

The television station also earned first place in the overall newscast category for the fourth straight year.

The following students were recognized by the Arkansas College Media Association:

  • Jose Harber—Anchor of the Year
  • Kim Pham Childress—Producer/ Director of the Year
  • Christie Hart-White—Reporter of the Year
  • Amber Allbritton—Television News Reporting—first place
  • Anderson Terry—Television News Reporting—second place
  • Daniela Montgomery—Television News Reporting—third place
  • Kim Pham Childress—Television News Reporting—third place
  • Spree Hilliard—Television Feature Reporting—first place
  • Christie Hart-White—Television Feature Reporting—second place
  • Daniela Montgomery—Television Feature Reporting—third place
  • Jason Moyer—Television Computer Graphics—first place
  • Kim Pham Childress—Television Sports Reporting—first place
  • Drew Brent—Television Sports Reporting—second place
  • Daniela Montgomery—Television Sports Reporting—third place
  • Anderson Terry—Weather Reporting—first place
  • Lauren Jones—Newspaper Single Advertisement—second place
  • Lauren Jones—Newspaper Single Advertisement—third place
  • John Post—Newspaper Review Writing—third place
  • Katherine Williams—Newspaper Review Writing—honorable mention
  • Ashley Schurtz—Art/Illustration Photo—honorable mention
  • Travis Fowler—Art/Illustration Photo—honorable mention
  • Travis Fowler—Newspaper Cartoon Strip or Single Panel—first place
  • Travis Fowler—Newspaper Cartoon Strip or Single Panel—honorable mention