Tech Student Attends Conference in D.C.


Arkansas Tech student Kelsea Bruce attended the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference in the nation’s capitol last week.

Bruce, a senior journalism-public relations major, was the only delegate from Arkansas Tech to attend the conference in Washington, D.C.

Attending the conference allowed Bruce to make connections with many important professionals.

“My favorite part about the PRSSA National Conference was being able to network with students and professionals from all across the United States that have the same interest as me,” Bruce said.

At the conference, Intern Queen Lauren Berger, who held 15 internships during college, gave advice on internships and explained how she started her own company based on internships.

Additionally, the conference featured a session by the CW Network about how P.R. works at a major television network.

“At the conference I made friends with people that I will keep in contact with forever and could one day be working with. I think networking is the greatest benefit of attending the conference because having numerous contacts is very important in the P.R. world.”

After graduating next May, Bruce plans on obtaining a graduate degree and pursuing a career in fashion or entertainment public relations.