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Tech Sends Model UN Delegates

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Several Arkansas Tech students became especially aware of international news as they prepared for a Model United Nations conference that began today.

Each participating school is assigned a nation to represent in the competition. Students then assume the character of their assigned country. The group from Arkansas Tech will participate in the three-day conference as representatives from Kuwait and Libya.

Rusty Jackson is the head delegate for the Kuwaiti delegation and will serve on the Political committee. Other committees include Head of State, Joint Defense, Economic, Social, and Arab Court of Justice.

All representatives are given topics to discuss in meetings. “We discuss, argue and push through to resolutions on real world issues that currently affecting the Arab world today,” Jackson said.

Brandon Tucker prepares for Model UN conferences by relaxing and supplanting himself in the minds of his characters. He gained acting experience in high school, and said the combination of acting and debate skills have helped him in Model UN.

“Once at the conference, the tone changes. Everyone acts with diplomatic nuance in committee,” Tucker said. “Outside of committee, everyone has fun discussing what happened in session, building alliances and preparing for the next meeting. It builds a good sense of teamwork, responsibility and hope from a generation willing to take a deep role in the arts and explore what is outside their comfort zone.”

Additionally, Jackson and Tucker prepare by staying up-to-date with current political events and studying speeches by delegates from their assigned nations.

“People taking the initiative to accept leadership roles and develop as individuals, as I have, is really the heart of Model Arab League and Model UN. It's about camaraderie and solidarity that derives from compromise," Tucker said.

At the end of the conference, each committee picks the best delegations and individual delegates to receive awards.

“I expect Arkansas Tech delegates to do well and bring back awards for our school,” Jackson said.

For more information about Arkansas Tech Model UN, contact Dr. Christopher Housenick at