Tech Love Story: College (and Mom) Brought Them Back Together

As children, Hailey and Calvin Manion were next-door neighbors in Conway. They formed a friendship during backyard cookouts, swinging, and general neighborhood mischief. When Calvin’s family moved away, their families remained friends and kept in touch.

Years later, Hailey’s mom gave Calvin a job at a gym and began trying to convince her daughter to date him. Soon after, Calvin left his job and moved to Russellville to finish his agriculture degree. When Hailey moved to Russellville the next year to study agriculture as well, she had no idea her mom had invited Calvin to help her move her things into Nutt Hall.

Calvin took the request from Hailey’s mother to watch out for her daughter very seriously. The two became best friends by going to weekly lunches at Baz-Tech.

Because they were best friends, transitioning to dating was awkward. Their first date was dove hunting with friends followed by food at Taco Bell, which Hailey described as “less than romantic.” Calvin took Hailey to La Villa the next day and gave her a redo of their first date with just the two of them.

About Calvin, Hailey says, “Honestly, I knew he was the one when he helped me move my mini fridge up and down five flights of stairs in Nutt my freshman year.” The two were married last September and will always be grateful that Arkansas Tech brought them back together.

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