Tech Golfer Hopes to Go Pro

Former Arkansas Tech golfer Jarred Carlyle is on the green and working to continue improving his golf game.  Carlyle says he plans to enter a qualifying round in October in hopes of earning the right to play on the PGA Tour.

According to Carlyle, the process to become a professional golfer is quite challenging.  He must play a qualifying round in October, and the top five percent from that round will advance to the second round.  The top finishers in the second round will advance to the third round, and the top performers in the third round will be welcomed on the Nationwide Tour, which is a step below the PGA Tour. Those who finish in the top of the fourth round will gain a card and the right to play on the PGA Tour.

Carlye says he’s focused on getting lots of time on the course and hopes to keep practicing up until the qualifying round in October.

Carlyle, a 2009 graduate, ended his Tech career as one of the most decorated golfers in the school’s history. Some of the honors he earned at Tech include being named GSC freshman of the year in golf, a four-time member of the league’s all-conference team, and a conference medalist during his senior year.  Most recently, he was also nominated for the GSC All-Decade team.