Tech Faculty Celebrate Fitness

Arkansas Tech faculty and staff gathered Thursday afternoon to celebrate the conclusion of the Blue & You Fitness Challenge.

Since March, more than 100 Tech employees have been exercising at least 30 minutes per day for a minimum of three days week.

During Thursday’s finale event, challenge participants gathered to visit about the experience and celebrate their accomplishments.

As part of the program, Dr. Jerry Mayo served as the guest speaker.  Mayo has a doctorate in exercise physiology, and he encouraged participants to stay motivated and continue to exercise.

“The key to being successful in an exercise program is finding those barriers and breaking through them,” added Mayo.  “I would encourage all of you to stay motivated by looking at the success you have already had.  Don’t be frustrated by what is still left to accomplish, as it’s more productive to celebrate what you’ve done.”

Angie Reynolds, director of Human Resources, says the finale event is to reward and congratulate members of the Tech faculty and staff who have worked to stick with an exercise regimen.  She adds, “We all benefit by taking a proactive approach to health, and we are so proud of the Tech faculty and staff who have worked to make their health a priority over the past few months.”

This was the second year that Arkansas Tech participated in the challenge, and more than 130 Tech faculty and staff signed up to participate.