Tech Cheerleader Works at NCA Camp

Arkansas Tech student Paul Webb is back in Russellville after spending his summer working as a cheerleading instructor.  Webb is an Arkansas Tech cheerleader, but each summer he works as an instructor at a cheer camp for the National Cheerleading Association.

“This is my fourth year to work for NCA.  I got the job after attending a camp,” explains Webb.  “At the end of the camp, they offered me a job application to audition for a position within the company after I graduated from high school.”

Webb says he’s worked with many of his co-workers for several years.  He explains, “The best part about NCA camps is that you get to meet and hang out with some really cool people.  My co-workers are really like my family.”

Throughout the summer, Webb helps teach cheerleading and tumbling skills to high school cheerleaders at five to seven camps each summer.  He adds, “We teach a variety of skills including stunts, cheers, chants, pyramids, dances, jumps and safety requirements for cheerleading.  The camp is really packed with lots of information and techniques to help the cheerleaders prepare for their year.”

Webb says before the camp begins, he receives a video of all the material instructors are expected to teach during the camps.  He is responsible for learning the material in the video and being ready to teach the material during the camps.

Webb says the camps help him stay prepared and in shape to cheer at Tech during the following year.