Sustained Growth in Enrollment, Student Satisfaction

th consecutive year. Over the past decade, campus enrollment has grown by 622 percent. Enrollment figures for fall 2014 became official as of the end of the 11th class day for the semester, which was Thursday, Sept. 11. Arkansas Tech-Ozark Chancellor Bruce Sikes said relevant programs combined with low tuition cost have contributed to campus growth. “The value of high quality career education at an affordable rate is reflected by both our continued growth and student satisfaction rate.” Sikes said. Students at Arkansas Tech-Ozark indicated they are more satisfied with the Ozark Campus compared to the national average of students at community colleges across the country. According to the Noel-Levitz Adult Learner Inventory, 83 percent of Arkansas Tech-Ozark students who took the survey said their overall satisfaction rating was either “satisfied” or “very satisfied.” The national average was 72 percent. “We have program options that lead to careers for our graduates and fulfil industry needs for employers,” Sikes said. “I commend our faculty and staff for their dedicated excellence and service to students.” To learn more about Arkansas Tech-Ozark and its offerings, visit]]>