Students Volunteer During Spring Break

Twelve Arkansas Tech students are giving up some extra sleep during spring break in order to help others.

The students and two advisors from Arkansas Tech will be traveling to New Orleans to repair homes destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

Katie Uttich, graduate assistant, says the students will be working with The Phoenix of New Orleans to make repairs in the Lower Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans.

This is the second year Arkansas Tech students have participated in an alternative spring break in New Orleans, and Uttich says some of the students traveling this year also went to New Orleans last year to help in the rebuilding effort.

She adds, “Though we try and open this opportunity up to allow more students the chance to get this experience, I feel it shows how big of an impact this trip is that it drives these students to come back for another year.”

The students leave for New Orleans on Sunday morning and will return on Friday evening.  While in New Orleans, Uttich says the students will also have the opportunity to tour parts of the city.

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