Students Make Phonathon a Success

The 2010 Arkansas Tech phonathon will be remembered as a success, and Kristin Smith, director of the Tech Loyalty Fund, says the student callers are the reason why.

“We simply could not see this success without our great student callers.  They really did a great job in speaking with alumni and friends of the university about what it is that makes Tech special,” says Smith.

During the month of calling, the students spoke with more than 3,000 alumni, and they raised more than $38,000 for Arkansas Tech during the phonathon.

Smith says the group collected more than in previous years, and the money raised helps “provide scholarships and departmental support for each of Tech’s seven colleges.”

About half of the student callers had participated in the phonathon before, and Smith says their leadership made a huge impact for the new callers.

She adds, “We had a group of students who had done this before, and they really stepped in to help the new callers understand the process.  Their leadership was a great asset to the 2010 phonathon.”

In addition to raising funds for the Tech Loyalty Fund, the callers also worked to verify and update contact information for Arkansas Tech graduates.

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