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Students Learn the Impact of HIV

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Students in Dr. Jason Ulsperger’s sociology classes have been learning about the impact HIV can make and how it affects Arkansans.

Michael Burks and Kari Coffman (pictured), representatives of the non-profit organization HIV Arkansas, recently spoke to one of Ulsperger’s classes.

They discussed with the class the difference between HIV and AIDS, myths concerning the transmission of HIV and preventative measures with potential to decrease chances of spreading the virus.

Burks noted that Arkansas is one of few states that does not dedicate significant funding to HIV related issues. He advocates the critical role of HIV education and prevention.

“Arkansas Tech is fortunate to have guest speakers come to campus with so much knowledge and passion,” Ulsperger said. “Speakers like Michael and Kari do not just regurgitate facts about health issues, the pour their hearts and souls into making sure people know about HIV and how to alleviate problems associated with it.”

Additionally, the speakers shared information with students about HIV statistics for Arkansas, getting tested and mail-in test kits.

Burks is the president of HIV Arkansas and Coffman is the representative of the Fort Smith Chapter.

For more information about HIV Arkansas, contact the Fayetteville office at 888-802-3332 or visit