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Students, Faculty to Present at AAS Meeting

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  • Jesse Christenson: fluid model for lightning return stroke (Dr. Mostafa Hemmati)
  • Devon Dodd: titanium-oxygen bond valance-length relationship and the orbital exponent of titanium (Dr. Frank Hardcastle)
  • Xiaohan Du: synthesis and characterization of ruthenium monomer and dimer complexes (Dr. Anwar Bhuiyan)
  • Summer Laffoon: silicon-oxygen bond valence-length relationship and determination of the orbital exponent of silicon
  • Haley Morris: wave profile for current bearing antiforce waves (Dr. Mostafa Hemmati)
  • Catherine Normand: disease prevalence in feral cats (Dr. Rachel Urbanek)
  • Joshua S. Pennington: variant crystal lattice structure of iron oxide nanoparticles (Dr. Ron Tackett)
  • Rachel Pennington: acute effects of exercise on cognitive function in older adults (Dr. Scott Kirkconnell)
  • Mariah Small: RNA sequencing to reveal TACC2s-mediated blocks (Dr. Ivan Still)
  • Dacen Waters: A model for interacting dark energy models (Dr. Hamed Shojaei)
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