Student Work to be Featured on Radio Theatre

The Arkansas Radio Theatre will host auditions for a four-episode radio soap opera on Monday, May 3, at 8 p.m. in the Witherspoon Building Room 275.

The soap opera is entitled Tomorrow’s a New Day, and it is written by Arkansas Tech student Aaron Wallis.  The radio soap opera will be directed by Dr. David Eshelman, the founder of the Arkansas Radio Theatre and assistant professor of speech.

Wallis, a journalism major, says he enjoys soap operas and enjoyed the chance to create one of his own.  He adds, “I had Dr. Eshelman for a writing for performance class.  When he approached me about writing a soap opera for the Radio Theatre, I was extremely excited about the opportunity because I really enjoy soap operas.”

Wallis says he has worked to include his favorite soap opera elements in the piece he has written including revenge, blackmail, and over-the-top storylines.

Officials with the Radio Theatre say the episodes will be recorded this summer and will be broadcast on KXRJ 91.9 during the fall semester.

For more information about Arkansas Radio Theatre or to learn more about auditioning for the radio soap opera, e-mail to