Alumni Volunteer Time to Serve Donuts

Nearly 30 Arkansas Tech University alumni donated their time over the past several days to serve donuts to students during finals.

Serving donuts and coffee to students on the morning of final exams is an annual tradition among members of the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association as a way to encourage students taking their final tests.

Participants said many of the students expressed appreciation to alumni for providing the free breakfast each morning.

The following individuals worked at least one shift serving:

  • Lindsey Reidmueller
  • John Whiteside
  • Leigh Whiteside
  • Ann Irwin
  • Kendal Tabor
  • Joel Epperson
  • Howard Ritchie
  • Patricia Wood
  • Carrie Harris Phillips
  • Emily Ward
  • Courtney Mullen
  • Baldy Faulkner
  • Cody Black
  • Leslie Woolsey
  • Meagan Votteler
  • Tommy Fields
  • Shirley Dodd
  • Betty Moore
  • Jim Murphy
  • Larry Brown
  • Rachel Bond
  • Brandi Soar
  • Cody Hill
  • Janna Ritchie
  • Justin Price
  • Tonya Hurley
  • Cass Capen-Housley

Tech officials say serving breakfast during finals is one way alumni can stay connected to Arkansas Tech.  To learn more about other ways to stay connected to Arkansas Tech, visit the Alumni Office website.

See photos of the alumni serving donuts.