Honors Symposium Winners Announced

Arkansas Tech student Meagan Allen took home first place during the 11th annual Senior Honors Symposium Monday at Arkansas Tech.

Dr. Jan Jenkins, program director and professor of history, says the students participating in this year’s symposium offered “exemplary presentations of their research.”

The following are the winners of the 2010 Senior Honors Symposium are:

  • First place– Meagan Allen– “Teaching Mathematics Effectively,” Faculty Project Advisor Ken Shores, Mathematics
  • Second place– Jeff Bridgman and Nicholas Amis– “Visually Genesis” Faculty Project Advisor Dr. Larry Morell, Computer and Information Science
  • Third place– Robert Peden (co-author Noaman Rasul)– “Ionization Rate and Shock Conditions for Breakdown Waves Propagating into an Ionized Medium” Faculty Project Advisor Dr. Mostafa Hemmati, Physics
  • Honorable Mention– Cody McBride– “Banks of the United States and the Constitution” Faculty Project Advisor Dr. Carey Roberts, History
  • Honorable Mention– Adam Gaines– “RNA Interference Used to Cure Huntington’s Disease” Faculty Project Advisor Dr. Tsunemi Yamashita, Biology
  • Honorable Mention– A.C. Brown (co-author Ryan McChesney)– “Directional Solidification Apparatus” Faculty Project Advisor Dr. John Krohn, Mechanical Engineering

As a portion of the requirements to participate in the honors program at Arkansas Tech, students must “design, propose and complete a senior honors project” during their last year of classes.

Jenkins says the program requirement gives students the opportunity to work “with professors in their major fields and also the benefit of doing independent research.”

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