Fang Learns Life Lessons During Internship

One Arkansas Tech student has been spending the summer learning a myriad of lessons about the workforce.

“This is an experience that I have not been presented with in my previous years,” says Arkansas Tech student Terry Fang of his internship at Southwest Power Pool.

Fang is a senior electrical engineering major and is spending the summer interning with the company.

According to their website, Southwest Power Pool is one of nine Independent System Operators/Regional Transmission Organizations tasked with ensuring reliable supplies of power, adequate transmission infrastructure and competitive wholesale prices of electricity.

While at Southwest Power Pool, Fang is assigned to a group within the company and will work on several projects within the group.

“When I leave the internship, I will have a bigger scope of what kind of assignments are involved and taking place every day in the workplace,” says Fang.

Fang says he’s learning a variety of lessons that are not “explicitly defined in the curriculum.”  He adds, “I’ve learned the importance of how to interact with others in a professional manner, the importance of respect for your boss, and the simplest things like the importance of ironing your clothes.”

Additionally, Fang says he is also learning more about the various corporate climates that exist.  Fang says the employees at Southwest Power Pool are very welcoming and take time to interact with interns over coffee, lunch or visiting in the office.

“It really makes me feel welcome, and like I’m part of the team,” adds Fang.  “Although the work requires a strong work ethic and most certainly a degree of seriousness, they still know how to have fun.”

Fang says the biggest challenge of his internship is getting up early during the summer.

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