Server Upgrades Planned

Arkansas Tech faculty websites are currently being moved to a new server that is dedicated solely to faculty web pages.  The new server will be online soon, and officials say the server will be a significant improvement on how faculty web pages are hosted.

Michael Stoker, director of web strategies and operations, says the change will provide a more secure environment for faculty websites.

“Moving the faculty pages to a dedicated server will help reduce the risk of errors,” added Stoker.  “Because the sites are on a separate server, it will provide a more stable environment and will allow for better protection of the intellectual property of Tech faculty.”

When the new server is operational, all faculty and staff web pages will comply with a similar naming convention.  Stoker says this will make it easier for students and other faculty members to locate a particular page.  It will also allow the university website to evolve without impacting the URL’s of faculty pages.

Stoker says this is one of several server upgrades planned in the coming months.  He adds, “The Office of University Relations is constantly working to make our website presence better for our students, faculty and staff.  I greatly appreciate the assistance Computer Services has provided as we work to make these changes.”

For questions about the server upgrade, email Michael Stoker at