Spring Concert Ticket Sales Begin Today

The Arkansas Tech University Student Activities Board (SAB) has announced the band OneRepublic will be the featured performer at the annual Spring Concert.

The concert will be Monday, March 29, at Tucker Coliseum on the Arkansas Tech campus.  Tickets cost $15 for students with a valid Tech identification card, and students may only purchase four tickets at the discounted price.  The general public may purchase tickets at a cost of $20.

Tickets are available for purchase today at the Doc Bryan Student Services Building Information Booth between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  Tickets may also be purchased by phone by calling 479-968-0389.

OneRepublic’s most recent album is entitled Waking Up, and it was released last November.  The album features the hit single “All the Right Moves.”

OneRepublic’s first single entitled “Apologize” was released on the band’s debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, and the song was also included as a remix on Timbaland’s release of Shock Value.

The song reached the top spot on the Billboard Pop 100 chart, and it reached more than 10,000 plays in one week.  The second single from the album is entitled “Stop and Stare,” and it reached the number nine spot on the Pop 100 chart.

According to their website, OneRepublic says their music is different because it’s “all about the song.”

Member Ryan Tedder added, “If I’m not getting goosebumps when I write the chorus, then others aren’t going to either. I want that ‘hair standing on end’ feeling. They may have simple melodies, but our songs are about real life. It’s complexity wearing the mask of simplicity.”

The group says their musical abilities also separates them from other groups.

“One difference (from) other groups is that we’re always rotating instruments,” said member Brent Kutzle.  I might play keyboards, and Ryan bass, or I play cello, Ryan piano, and Drew, bass. Sometimes we forget who plays what on a song.”

To find out more about the concert, call 479-968-0389.