SGA Works to Keep Students Informed


Arkansas Tech students now have an additional way to follow the actions of the Arkansas Tech Student Government Association.  The Student Government Association (SGA) has launched both a Facebook and Twitter page to provide easier access for students.

SGA officials hope the website pages will keep students informed and help students understand the role of SGA on the Arkansas Tech campus.

Members of SGA say a variety of information will be available to students on the websites including information about each week’s agenda, upcoming events and changes on the campus.

The Arkansas Tech Student Government Association works to “represent the interests of students and increase student decision-making power, to improve campus life through the creation and continuation of viable and effective student services, to preserve and protect the traditions of the university and to support students and student organizations in their academic and community endeavors.”

For more information about the new pages, email SGA at

Visit the Twitter page.

Visit the Facebook page.