SGA Fall 2015 Elections Through Wednesday

theLink. Included in the election are candidates for three vacant positions on the SGA executive board. There are three candidates — Sidney Burgess, Caitlin Dean and Evan Gray — for the position of secretary of public relations. Maggie Hand is running unopposed for secretary of student development, as is Xintong Ren for secretary of diversity and inclusion. Below are vacant senate positions and the students running for election to those posts: Senator, College of Arts and Humanities (One Vacant Position)

  • Jerry Lee Anderson Jr., candidate
  • Lauren Keck, candidate
  • Katherine Nunez, candidate
  • Lauren Palmer, candidate
Senator, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (One Vacant Position)
  • Chris Hoover, candidate
Senator, College of Business (One Vacant Position)
  • Haley Owen, candidate
Senator, College of Natural and Health Sciences (One Vacant Position)
  • Melanie Norman, candidate
Senator, International Students (One Vacant Position)
  • Grishma Khatri, candidate
  • Khalil Oumimoun, candidate
Senior Senator (Two Vacant Positions)
  • Haley Ashe, candidate
  • Dulce Baeza, candidate
  • Mitchell Mullen, candidate
Junior Senator (Three Vacant Positions)
  • Thomas Avery, candidate
  • Connor Eason, candidate
  • Tylan Fowler, candidate
  • Kenzie Tudeen, candidate
Sophomore Senator (Three Vacant Positions)
  • Hannah Coffee, candidate
  • Allison Holloway, candidate
  • Becca Mosler, candidate
Freshman Senator (Three Vacant Positions)
  • Tabitha Hudspeth, candidate
  • Harrison Lester, candidate
  • Makenzie Martin, candidate
  • Jayson Simmons, candidate
Senators at Large (Five Vacant Positions)
  • Jordan Barnes, candidate
  • Karie Freeman, candidate
  • Emma Kinsey, candidate
  • Nathan Kring, candidate
  • Brooks Laffoon, candidate
  • Anna Little, candidate
  • Jason Morris, candidate
  • Monique Morris, candidate
  • Weston Peters, candidate
  • Jalisha Price, candidate
  • Thomas Rich, candidate
  • Ethan Six, candidate
  • KJ Thompson, candidate