SGA Announces Candidates

The Arkansas Tech Student Government Association (SGA) has announced the candidates for the upcoming SGA elections.  In all, 36 Arkansas Tech students are running for the 2010-11 Student Government Association.

The following students are running for positions on the executive board:

  • Derick McKinney—President
  • Travis Flower—President
  • Catherine Wilkins—Vice President
  • Charissa Bazarow—Vice President
  • Jacob Smith—Secretary of Finance and Administration
  • Jim Kennedy—Secretary of Finance and Administration
  • Morgan Garrison—Secretary of Student Development
  • Chase Busch—Secretary of Internal Affairs
  • Josh Waters—Secretary of Public Relations

The following students are running for a senator position representing their class:

  • Nicholas Hannaman—Sophomore Senator
  • Sarah Reynolds—Sophomore Senator
  • Dan Dillard—Sophomore Senator
  • Cassie Williams—Sophomore Senator
  • Miriam Ramirez—Sophomore Senator
  • Mikayla Adair—Sophomore Senator
  • Jose Harber—Junior Senator
  • Roger Norman—Junior Senator
  • John Mauldin—Senior Senator
  • Brad Gwatney—Senior Senator
  • Courtney Mitchell—Senior Senator
  • Lisa Harst—Senior Senator
  • Taneshia Mays—Senior Senator

The following students are running for the at large positions on SGA:

  • Hunter “Wallace” Mullins
  • Mark Moody
  • Ryan Morton
  • Kelsey Brown
  • Lyndi Mabry
  • Kaitlin Short
  • Matthew Parker
  • Whitney Hicks
  • Jingwei Ho
  • Rusty Jackson
  • Jeffery Massanelli
  • Skot Covert

The following students are running to represent their college on SGA:

  • Lydia Grate—College of Arts and Humanities
  • Haley Smith—College of Arts and Humanities

During Friday’s elections, students will be able to select one candidate for each executive board position and one candidate to represent each college.

Additionally, three candidates from each class and eight candidates for the at large positions will also be decided during the elections.

The elections will take place from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. in Doc’s Place, and students must have a valid Tech identification card to vote.

To find out more, email