Seniors Present $1,800 to Tech Foundation

Members of the Tech Loyalty Fund Class of 2010 Committee presented a check for $1,800 from the senior class to the Arkansas Tech Foundation on Thursday afternoon during an end-of-year celebration at the Lake Point Conference Center.

The donation is the result of a year-long effort by the committee to raise awareness among their fellow seniors about the importance of the Tech Loyalty Fund for current and future students. Seniors made the donations as their first gift to Arkansas Tech.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the Arkansas Tech senior class has made a collective gift to the Arkansas Tech Foundation. The senior class giving program has raised approximately $7,000 for the Tech Foundation.

“This group was willing to go to classmates and make the peer-to-peer connections that result in giving,” said Kristin Smith, director of the Arkansas Tech Loyalty Fund. “This program builds every year. Word has gotten out over campus over time, so I have to give a lot of credit for this year’s success to every group that came before. This generation of college students is very giving, they want to help others and they are very team-oriented.”

Jayne Jones, vice president for development, accepted the donation on behalf of the Arkansas Tech Foundation.

“I challenge you to not miss a year in giving back to Tech,” said Jones. “The Tech Loyalty Fund means a great deal to this university. Our students benefit from the Tech Loyalty Fund on a daily basis, and those private dollars give our faculty members the tools they need to help our students succeed.”

Members of the Tech Loyalty Fund Class of 2010 committee, which includes both undergraduate and graduate students, are: Dustin Parsons, Cody McBride, Brad McBride, David Hamilton, Carl Harris, Mami Yuasa, Chyrl Plumb, Kirsten Boyd, Tayler Melton, Sarah Curlin, Jerry Bailey, Jemile Begmyradova, Kayla New, Nikki Alderman, Christina Keaster, Savanna Knight, Jessica Bradshaw and Tanna Bartlett.

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