ROTC Honors Cadets for Outstanding Service


The Arkansas Tech Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) held an awards ceremony last week to honor cadets for outstanding service.

Jamel Jones received the Male High Score for Physical Fitness Award for scoring more than a 300 (317 on the extended scale) on the Army Physical Fitness Test for the 2010-11 school year.

Sarah Reasoner received the Most Improved Physical Fitness Award and the USAA Spirit Award. The first was awarded based on the increase of 89 points on her Army Physical Fitness Test. The USAA Spirit Award recognized commitment to outstanding service to her unit, community and nation.

Junior Jeffrey Pickartz and sophomore Jessica St. Martin received the Superior Cadet Decoration Awards for their respective Military Science Level classes. St. Martin also received the Female High Score Physical Fitness Award.

Joshua Manatt is receiving the Association of the United States Army Award in recognition for achieving in the top 10% in Military Science academics and contributing the most, through his leadership abilities as the color guard captain, to the advancement of the Military Science Department at Arkansas Tech University.

Nicholas Stewart received the Military Order of the World War Award for his continued dedication as an MS III pursuing an officer ship with the Arkansas Tech University Reserve Officer Training Corp.

Julio Standridge received the Sons of the American Revolution Award for his good military and scholastic standing, high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, soldierly bearing and excellence.

The American Legion Auxiliary Awards were presented to Lee Boykin for displaying military excellence throughout the year and Patrick Redington for displaying scholastic excellence throughout the year.

Zachary Mabry received the American Legion Award for achieving and maintaining military and scholastic excellence throughout his MS III school year.