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Romo speaks for Constitution Day

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romo_fredAs part of Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus’ commemoration of Constitution Day, Fred Romo of Clarksville shared his experience of coming to the United States from Cuba.

Romo, a former adjunct instructor at Arkansas Tech-Ozark, spoke Monday, Sept. 17, to faculty, staff and students about why he believes the U.S. Constitution makes the country the “most effective republic in the world.”

By providing essential “basic standards” for its citizens, such as being able to travel freely from state to state, own private property, choose their employment, collect all net earnings from their contribution of goods and services, and choose where to live, Romo said the Constitution ensures “prosperity, freedom and tranquility.”

“This very day, the Constitution has been in effect for 225 years,” he said, “and I have faith that it will be in effect 500 years from now.”

Romo, who is 67 years old, shared his memories of living Cuba during a time of great political change, including the late ’50s when the government suspended constitutional rights, as well as the early ’60s when guerilla rebels led by Fidel Castro took over the government and “nationalized” private enterprises.

“I could go on and on about my experiences before the age of 17,” Romo said, “but I want to stress that because of the U.S. Constitution and its standards of law and order, these inhumane situations cannot happen in this nation.”