ROCN Wrap-Up Meeting

The Revitalize Our Community Now (ROCN)  committee held a wrap-up meeting on Thursday, July 28 in the Student Services and Conference Center of Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus. 

Ms. Stacie Harden, Sustainable Communities Coordinator welcomed a group of approximately 40 community leaders to the wrap-up meeting and provided a recap and results of the committees’ work over the past year. 

Dr. Karon Rosa provided the history of this program stating, “In the summer of 2010, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education announced the selection of three Arkansas communities as pilot sites in its Sustainable Communities through Community College Leadership initiative.  The initiative was designed to be a locally based committee and was charged to build upon partnerships that currently exist between the community college and the communities it serves.”  

Arkansas Tech University – Ozark Campus was one of three campuses selected in Arkansas, the chosen locations represented diverse community and college cultures and had the leadership to implement change based upon the special needs of students from poverty and to effect positive community change. 

As a result of that selection, the Ozark committee respectively named, Revitalize Our Communities Now (ROCN), met with community leaders to identify, engage and leverage resources in our region to help bring people out of poverty and work with all populations to ensure a sustainable and thriving community. 

Ms. Monieca West, Coordinator of Federal Programs praised the committee on how well they organized, developed, and implemented a community improvement plan that met and exceeded all expectations of the Sustainable Communities through College Leadership initiatives.