Reslife Staff Spotlight: Wilson Hall

The residence life staff at Wilson Hall has been selected as the first to receive the Office of Residence Life Staff Spotlight.

The Resident Director Appreciation and Recognition committee developed this honor as a way to recognize everyone on the staff for their dedication and hard work.

Additionally, the recognition program allows residents of the hall and the campus community to get to know their leaders.

Here is some information about each member of the staff:

Resident Director Courtney McCrary has a criminal justice degree with a minor in psychology and she is now a first year student in the college student personnel program. She is from Morristown, Illinois. Her favorite programs hosted by her staff this semester have been “Whip Your Hair,” “Post Secret,” “College Chef,” “Broaden Your Horizons-Culture Talk” and “Dress Your RA/Hall Government.”

Resident Assistant DJ Comet is a senior graphic design major from Benton. He hosted “The Biggest Loser Premiere” earlier in the semester. He enjoys anything involving art, singing, writing and reading.

Resident Assistant Rachel Brashear is an English and creative writing major from Hector. She held the “Post Secret” program. Her favorite quote is “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Resident Assistant Steven Sola is a senior sociology major from Concord, California, which has warranted him the nickname “Sunshine.” His favorite program he has hosted thus far is the “College Chef,” but hopes for success with his photography program “Aperture Science.”

Resident Assistant Celeste Eubanks is a sophomore biology major from Fort Smith. She enjoys rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, and church activities. Some of her programs include “Slacklining,” “Whip Your Hair” and helping with hall decorations.

Resident Assistant Tyler Collier is a sophomore social studies education major from Waldo. Collier enjoys basketball, spending time with friends and listening to music. His favorite program thus far has been “Broaden Your Horizons-Culture Talk.”

Resident Assistant Jazlynn Wisener is a junior chemistry-biochemistry major from Norman. Her favorite program has also been “Broaden Your Horizons-Culture Talk.” In her spare time, she enjoys reading, driving around town and listening to music.