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Residence Halls Get New Leadership

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Various residence halls across Tech campus recently held hall government elections, and have new officers. RHA gives students the opportunity to lead, serve, and coordinate events for others in their residence hall.  The following students were selected to serve for the 2012-2013 academic year:


Programming Chair- Sydni Anderson

Hall Relations Chair- Mckenna Robertson

Campus Relations Chair - Justin Whitney

Intramural Coordinator- Michael Hanson

Sunshine Chair - Jenna Ehren

Gender Relations - Miranda Pifer



Vista Place:

Programming Chair- Haley Bass

Hall Relations Chair- Michael Martin

Campus Relations Chair- Caitlin Avant



Programming Chair- Joseph Jackson

Hall Relations Chair- Jenny Flowers

Campus Relations Chair- Casandra Allen

Publicity Chair- Katelynn Perrett

Vice President of Shenanigans - Christopher Copeland



Programming Chair - Molly Manning

Hall Relations Chair - Amanda Owens

Campus Relations Chair - Amy Johnson



Programming Chair- John David Dial

Hall Relations Chair- Spencer Bruce Cardin

Campus Relations Chair - Tyler Emerson



Programming Chair - Saul Pennington

Hall Relations Chair- Clay Wyllia

Campus Relations Chair- Phillip Boyd



Programming Chair - Morgan Earp

Sunshine Chair - Wendy Ingram

Campus Relations Chair- Jocelyn Flores

Hall Relations Chair- Krista Mitchell

RHA Liason- Hannah Bush



Programming Chair- Kaitlain Morgan

Hall Relations Chair- Tuesday Parker

Campus Relations Chair - Dejah Iverson

Sunshine Chair- Cody Wyatt and Alexandria Parker

Vice President of Shenanigans - Stacey Bittle



Programming Chair - Logan Cole

University Commons/Stadium Suites:

Programming Chair- Kate Axson

Hall Relations Chair - Jimmie Walker

Campus Relations Chair - Katelyn Lane



Hall Relations Chair- Jordan Dunham



Programming Chair- Geoffrey Smith

Hall Relation Chairs- Sumner Hitchcox and Jeremy Parris

Campus Relations Chair - Andrew Snodgrass