Rehab Advisory Committee Meets


Area rehabilitation professionals are meeting at Arkansas Tech today for the Rehabilitation Science Advisory Committee.

The annual meeting takes place to allow the committee to review the current rehabilitation program at Arkansas Tech and make recommendations on ways to improve the program.

Dr. Lyman Harris, professor and program director says the yearly meeting serves an important purpose in ensuring the program is up-to-date.

He adds, “As Arkansas Tech continues its focus on assessment, this meeting helps our program assess the quality of education we’re providing for our students.  The program is the only program in the state that has been admitted to membership in the Undergraduate Registry of the Council on Rehabilitation Education, and membership requires we have regular evaluations of our program.  By doing this we’re able to ensure we’re preparing our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful upon graduation.”

Members of the advisory committee include current faculty, current students, program graduates, representatives from the state’s graduate level rehabilitation training programs and both local and state agency representatives.

For more about the Rehabilitation Science program at Arkansas Tech, visit their website.