Registration Nearing for Students

In less than two weeks, students will be able to enroll in courses for the summer and fall terms at Arkansas Tech University. Registration will begin Monday, April 7, and the Office of the Registrar has released the schedule for students to follow when registering for courses. Students currently enrolled for the spring semester may register based upon the hours previously earned:
  • 75 or more hours: April 7-9
  • 30-74 hours: April 10-14
  • 15-29 hours: April 15-17
  • 14 or fewer hours: April 18-22
Students wishing to register should make an appointment to visit with their advisor prior to registering for classes, and students with fewer than 60 hours will register for courses through the Academic Advising Center. Visit the Office of the Registrar website  for complete registration instructions and to view the academic calendar.