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Red Flag Campaign Continues

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Students are gathering at the Hindsman Bell Tower this morning for a series of events that students hope will raise awareness about sexual assault and dating violence on college campuses.

Dr. Julie Mikles-Schluterman will deliver a short lecture she has prepared to educate students about “red flags,” or warning signs, of dating violence, how to avoid compromising situations and how to seek help.

Arkansas Tech theatre students will perform demonstrative scenes depicting realistic scenarios to which students can relate.

Robb McCormick from Some Guy Named Robb will provide musical accompaniment and perform for all those in attendance.

Following the performance, organizers will distribute information, red flag cups and buttons so others can help spread awareness.

Mikles-Schulterman said the campaign is designed to encourage friends and the campus community to speak out when they witness warning signs, or red flags, for dating violence in a friend’s relationship.

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