Program Spotlight- Award Winning Paramedics/ Emergency Management Systems Program

The Paramedics and Emergency Management Systems at Arkansas Tech University- Ozark Campus is one of the leading programs for the 2018-2019 school year according to This program is designed to meet the educational and training needs of those individuals who wish to gain the Arkansas Department of Health Licensure and National Registry of EMT’s Certification as a Paramedic.
Career opportunities exist with air and ground emergency medical services, fire departments, medical centers, and industry. Among other characteristics, a Paramedic should possess dignity, empathy, and tolerance. Under the direction of a physician, the student will be presented with material to aid them in: assessment of the pre-hospital needs of the acutely ill or injured patient, triage, basic as well as advanced life support, communication skills, and maintaining the level of care as the patient is transported to a health care facility.
Program Chairman, Mr. Todd Birkhead, along with Clinical Coordinator Ms. Holly Newman educate students to become leaders in their field.
Students and instructors meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am-3:00 pm immersing into the paramedic field both in the classroom and in lab settings.
Students are engaged in learning valuable information.
Birkhead stands in front of the classroom and knows each student’s name, where they work, where they are from, and what led them to the Paramedic road.
Birkhead and Newman not only teach students in person at the Ozark Campus but also connect into the offsite Ft. Smith EMS location where a number of students participate via live video chat.
In one of Birkhead’s first lectures for students who started the program in the Spring 2019 semester, he said, “do the best you can for people,” emphasizing what the Paramedic field is truly all about. He continued, “Paramedics are the patient advocates.”
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