Single-Parent Scholarships Awarded

The Pope/Yell County Single Parent Scholarship fund recently awarded more than $21,600 in scholarships to single parents through private funding and grants.

Twenty-two Arkansas Tech students each received a $700 scholarship during a ceremony at the Russellville Chamber of Commerce.

The following students were recipients of the Single Parent Scholarship:

Stephanie Abbott

Amanda Bewley

Julie Berge

Brandi Boley

Lorena Chavez

Christina Clausen

Karen Daniels

Lisa Donahou

Brittany Hall

Celeste Helton

Christian Noteboom

Kristie Lynn Sanders

Debbie Talley

Xiang Alberty

Amber Dorrough

Ryan Horn

Kim Matthews

Greta McGee

LaShawn Peevy

Stephany Rice

Stephanie Warner

Connie Westcott