Parking Changes Announced


Arkansas Tech University officials have announced several parking changes that will impact students, faculty and staff.


Here is the complete list of parking changes that will take place during the 2011-12 academic year.

  • Nutt Hall, Brown Hall and Tucker Hall are now marked as orange parking, and students with an orange hangtag are able to park in lots NN, EE, CC, DD, Y, and lot X as marked.
  • Lot LL will serve as temporary parking for those with a brown hangtag.
  • West M Street and Lot QQ as marked is also designated for those with a brown hangtag.
  • Lot T will become light blue permit parking.
  • Lot K and Lot L have added red permit parking as marked.
  • Lot E and F have added yellow permit parking as marked.
  • Lot XX is also designated yellow permit parking.
  • Lot VV will serve as temporary yellow parking until construction begins in lot LL.   At that time, lot VV will convert back to brown permit parking only.

Public Safety officials say the changes are communicated on a parking map individuals will receive when they obtain their Arkansas Tech hangtag.  Read more about that.

For more information about the parking changes, individuals are encouraged to contact Public Safety at 479-968-0222.